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Ruby's Demon Blade, 3D Printed, (Unofficial)

Ruby's Demon Blade, 3D Printed, (Unofficial)


Ruby's Demon blade 3D printed in PLA & hand finished to order!


A great gift idea or collectible item for all Supernatural fans out there 😃

Measurements: 310 mm in length Cosplay Safe.


3D printed in plastic and hand finished to a high standard. The painted option is what you can see here in the photos. Once it’s printed I remove it, put it together and apply special finishes to it to achieve its real look.


Unpainted items:
The unpainted options to most items in my store are created on a 3d printer but do not undergo any of the final processing that the painted item does. The item is printed, removed from the printer and assembled only.


    Length: 310 mm


    Printed in PLA plastic which is an environmentally friendly, biodegradable plastic made from food starches.


    The painted version is spray painted with Acrylics before being hand finished with special techniques!


    All of my work is a representation of the items they portray. They are not official replicas or copies and I have no affiliation with the companies that originally designed them. My items are simply created for you to enjoy and celebrate the things you like.